An Oomph-less NaPoWriMo #19

I have something in mind.  Some phrases are scattered in my notes.  Other people have similar but photographic thoughts.  But I can’t quite release enough to bring the thoughts and phrases and images together yet.  Instead, an apt off-shoot of today’s RWP prompt became a tanka:

my crazy schedule
reveals lightning’s other half
tines branching upward
darting flash shoots up to send
the insight back down to Earth

The anatomy of a lightning strike is pretty fantastic.  Lightning does not simply shoot from the sky.  The charge follows a path that minimizes the total action in an electric sense.  It’s an illustration of the calculus of variations, an illustration of nature seeing every path but following the only one that can be.

Clouds are gathering outside.  They have that slightly off color that sometimes turns into a cathartic thunderstorm.


2 responses to “An Oomph-less NaPoWriMo #19

  1. “lightning’s other half”

    Nice phrasing!

  2. Liked the tanka very much, and the explanation. Good stuff to chew on and enjoy.

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