Inspired by the prompt, but not following the method:

a paired market stroll
soft turn to the side, i smile
my shirt’s a snot rag
sometimes you just don’t expect
the many forms that love takes

Had to use that incident…

And I have to thank all the people who contributed prompts.  Please ignore the complainers.  Also, happy 41st birthday to RFC 1!


7 responses to “septiNaPoWriMo

  1. I love being someone’s snotrag.

  2. What a neat poem! I always try to have loads of tissues for my wife, but I can relate. ;-)

    With Words

  3. only in love do we offer ourselves so freely… now thaz the kinda love we all wanna experience at least a dozen times a day… !!! erotic engine

  4. It’s funny fuzzy.

  5. This made me “Awww” out loud! I really feel I can relate too. Nothing like the sharing of unflattering bodily functions with the one you love :) There is something very concise and clear about that first line. It conjures a vivid image with very few words. Those last lines are great as well. Truer words never spoken. Love this.

  6. Awww Jason….you blew it!

  7. Thank you! As soon as I saw the prompt, I knew what incident I had to use… My wife still apologizes. Needlessly. It was too cute…

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